Training and development for social workers

We are dedicated to providing newly-qualified and experienced social workers with KSS (Knowledge Skills Statement) and PCF (Professional Capability Framework) mapped learning opportunities.

Our training programme includes face-to-face training, e-learning, coaching, action learning sets, bitesize continuous professional development sessions and a wealth of online learning resources supporting our signs of safety culture and your social work career path.

Learning topics

We offer an extensive suite of learning topics at various levels including:

  • Voice of the child
  • Signs of safety
  • Drug and alcohol awareness
  • Child sexual exploitation
  • Effective multi-agency working
  • Engagement, assertiveness and challenge
  • Applying professional judgement and decision-making in social work

Plus, short topical courses such as gangs, knife crime and guns to ensure our social workers are confident and up to date in their work.

Our training and coaching professionals have worked in children’s services and fully understand the work and the environment.

The Social Work Academy

The Social Work Academy alongside our Learning and Development department, Principal Social Worker and other key teams also work with existing employees and are currently developing various supports for our existing staff, this will include development support for managers and aspiring managers, support for Practice Educators within the organisation and induction programs.

Our Learning and Development department offers extensive training for all of our employees including Signs of Safety and specialist topics to support your role and ongoing CPD.

As a Children's Trust employee you will also have access to NSCB multi-agency training and to a Research in Practice (RiP) account where you can access training, research and up to date articles, and developments, within the profession.  


LGSS Learning and Development are also a recognised apprenticeships and qualifications academy enabling accredited learning in the workplace. We can support you to develop your career in social work and social work management with children’s services specific apprenticeships as well as leadership and management apprenticeships.