Looked after children

​Our children in care service provides oversight for all the children in care in Northamptonshire. This includes children subject to legal proceedings as well as children with a plan to remain long term in our care. We focus on building meaningful relationships with young people, their families and their carers to ensure that we plan effectively for the future of every child. 

AdobeStock_407717561.jpegThe service has 11 teams that work across the county and focus on particular cohorts of children. Our experienced Team Managers support our Social Workers, Family Support Workers and Business Support Administrators.

Our new Consultant Practitioner roles are dedicated to supporting and coaching social workers with complex cases and providing valuable coaching and training.

Social Workers will be instrumental in providing long term support with the children and families they are responsible for, ensuring they have commitment and exit plans in place.

They will work with the local judiciary and other parties to ensure effective conduct of care proceedings, support investigation and protection and accommodation, using contingency planning to anticipate complexity and changing circumstances that focus on securing the best for children.

Undertake direct social work responsibilities as an allocated worker to the children and families assigned, to monitor and review the implementation of care plans, to ensure that the services being provided are meeting the assessed need; and that the cost of provision remains within any agreed budget.

What does the job involve?

To deliver and provide social work services, at a level appropriate for a professionally qualified post, to young people and families to ensure the welfare of children and young people is safeguarded and they are protected in accordance with the legal and statutory obligations of North and West Northamptonshire Council's.


Please email us your CV, ensuring you include your telephone number and our recruitment team will contact you to discuss our vacancies.

Our Chief Executive also takes the time to speak with every individual who applies to come and work with us and we commit to application to offer within 10 working days. Interviews will be held with panel and will take place virtually if applicable.

​Email your CV to: NCTrustcareers@NCTrust.co.uk