Relationship Support - Managing conflict

Conflict is a normal part of any relationship. It only starts to become a problem when conflict is frequent, intense and not resolved well. The latest research tells us that conflict is harmful to children and affects their mental health, behaviour and success at school.

We’re aware that the Coronavirus crisis has put extra strain on many relationships, so we can help you to look at your relationship differently and find ways to make it better by improving your communication and reducing conflict.

We have purchased resources from the relationship experts OnePlusOne. There are resources available whether parents are still together, separated or considering separation.

There are three online resources to help parents which show how conflict can happen in stressful situations, and how these situations could be handled differently to reduce stress and reduce the impact on their children.

Resource Who it is for What's covered

Me, you and baby too

New and expectant parents

Help new and expectant parents to recognise and adapt to the changes that parenthood can have on relationships.

Raises awareness of the impact of stress and conflict on their baby.

Supports parents to develop skills to manage conflict constructively.

Arguing better

Parents experiencing high levels of stress and couple conflict

To raise awareness of parental conflict and its impact on children

To increase parents' capacity to cope with stress together.

To support parents to develop skills to manage their conflict more constructively.

​Getting it right for children

​Separating or separated parents experiencing high levels of conflict

​To raise parents' awareness and understanding of how they are putting their child in the middle of their conflict.

To help parents to develop positive communication skills.

To support parents to co-operate and work out solutions together.

These resources are available free to parents. An account will be need to be opened and then access is available for any of the modules.

Access the resources

There are also 'Getting On Better' cards available, which provide handy hints and tips for handling different situations, and these are available by emailing