0 to 19 Early Help and Targeted Support Services in Northamptonshire

Services to support children and families

Children’s Centre Services in Northamptonshire offer groups, activities, courses and support for families with children aged from 0 to 19 years, with the emphasis on supporting the whole family to ensure that children get the best start in life. Staff based at the Children’s Centres work closely with partners to provide a range of services including:

  • Information, advice and signposting
  • Parenting Courses 
  • Domestic Abuse Support 
  • Special Needs and Disability Support
  • Health Services such as Midwives, Health Visitors and Well Baby Clinics
  • Housing Support 
  • 1:1 targeted support for families, children and young people needing some extra help

We recognise that every family has its ups and downs. Being a parent or carer is hard work and sometimes you may need extra support.  Early Help offers families support by working with you to understanding what is working well and identifying where you may need some extra help, this is called an Early Help Assessment.

For more information see EHA Information for Parents.

​We provide a range of parenting and domestic abuse programmes to support families below:


Domestic abuse 

  • Freedom 
  • Stay Free 
  • Fresh Start (Perpetrators Programme)

If you would like to register for a course please contact your local Children’s Centre who will be able to help.

Your Local Children’s Centres

To find your local Children’s Centre visit Children and Families Service Finder (FIS)

Northamptonshire libraries offer a range of services for families and children including Bookstart bear club, parents’ collections, books, audio books and regular events such as rhymetime and story time.

See further details of your local library offer.

The Strong Start team is a group of qualified and experienced early years’ professionals who work closely with health visiting and infant feeding teams across Northamptonshire to support families with babies and young children. 

Information and support

We can support families with children under 5 in the following ways:

  • Signpost or refer to health services including the smoking cessation team
  • Provide information and help to access local groups
  • Help to set up a peer group within your community
  • Help to assess eligibility for help with early education and childcare costs for two year olds and free vitamins

You can make contact with us via our administrator on 07880136070 or via email at StrongStartTeam.NCC@westnorthants.gov.uk


We deliver a range of age appropriate early learning activities on a range of topics whilst parents and carers have the opportunity to develop peer support networks and gain information to support happy, healthy families. Some of the key topics include child development, oral health, safety, healthy eating, the value of play and communication and language.

More information can be found on the Strong Start Website.