Disabled Children Support

Strengthening Families support

Strengthening Families is a service that works intensively with disabled children or young people and their families where there are complex disabilities or additional needs and the support needed is not available from agencies involved with the child or young person (e.g. the schools or the SEND Support Service).

We can work with your whole family offering advice and support on disability or additional needs, with direct work, virtual support, and groups. We will also address wider family issues that impact disabled children or young people and/or other family members. Our team can coordinate multi-agency support for disabled children or young people and their families, including access to education, transitions, and home education.

Other support available

The Strengthening Families Team deliver Group Stepping Stones (as part of the Triple P courses) specifically for parents/carers of children/young people who have a diagnosed developmental disability.

Group Stepping Stones courses

Children’s Centre Services in Northamptonshire offer groups, parent drop-ins, family activities, and more for families with children aged from 0 to 19 years, with an emphasis on supporting the whole family to ensure that children get the best start in life.

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SEND Specialist Support Service (SSS) is another source of support for families. Further information on the SEND support service can be obtained from the local council services.

SEND Specialist Support Service North
SEND Specialist Support Service West