​​Every child needs and deserves a caring family life, including those who can no longer stay with their own family. Some young people will have had very difficult life experiences and may have a history of disrupted foster placements and live in residential care.

Could you be a resilience foster carer?

Resilience foster carers provide long-term, family based placements to these young people who are aged between 10-18 and require higher levels of support.

If you have relevant experience of vulnerable young people and have no other under 18 year olds in the home, we are offering a significant financial package of up to £40,000 per annum, alongside our specialist support and training package.

This amount is inclusive of all costs associated with caring for a young person such as clothes, activities, holidays and birthdays.

We believe in every child’s potential – if you do too, and have the skills we need, then resilience fostering could be for you.

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What we offer

We will be with you every step of the way and you will be supported by your own fostering service social worker. There will be regular visits to help ensure the placement is going well.

In addition you will receive:

  • Dedicated out of hours support
  • Specialist certificated training helping you understand and manage issues of trauma, loss and attachment faced by the young person
  • Clinical group supervision and one-to-one supervision
  • Support regarding school admission and education

All resilience foster carers will join our community of foster carers and have access to a wide variety of support and social events.  All our foster carers can access our locally delivered training offer and help shape our service.

Due to the commitments required we will also pay a retainer for any gaps in placing a young person in the placement after a previous young person has left. This is £450 per week (up to a maximum of four weeks per annum).

We will consider the possibility of ‘respite’ and appropriate payments for breaks for our resilience foster carers based upon the needs of the young person in your care.

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What are we looking for?

  • A genuine passion to work with children and young people
  • Be reflective, flexible and have the confidence to ask for advice and guidance
  • Energy and resilience - even in the face of challenges
  • A willingness to look beyond a young person's behaviour and understand the reasons for it
  • A sense of humour: a useful quality that can reduce tension and help cut across challenging behaviour
  • A warm, trusting relationship with a young person to help them find their own special talents and to help them to believe in themselves

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Get in touch

We believe in every child’s potential – if you do too, and have the skills we need, then resilience fostering could be for you.

If what you have read so far makes you think you could play a special role in a young person’s life, get in touch with one of our team to find out more by calling 0300 126 1009 or completing an enquiry online:

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