Northamptonshire’s Step Up Challenge

We are challenging Northamptonshire to 'step up' and collectively walk 1,000 miles together by 31 August. The 1,000 miles represent the 1,000 children that we have in care currently across the county.

We urgently need more foster carers for our children and young people in care, and you could play a role by helping to spread the message and joining our challenge! 

Northamptonshire Children's Trust believe that all children and young people in Northamptonshire deserve to live in a loving, caring, and stable home with people who will support them into adulthood. 

This challenge is all about raising awareness and hopefully gaining more foster carers for our children.

How to take part

All you need to do to take part is to download the 'map my walk' app on your phone and become friends with Northamptonshire Children's Trust to automatically share your walk details with us.

There is no need to send us your walk over, we will see this on our account once we have become friends with you. 

Or alternatively if you don't want to download the app then you can track how far you have walked yourself and then email it over to us on

We will be keeping a track of everyone who has walked for NCT on the app and the miles that they have done in the hope that we can reach our target.

A pair of wellies in the woods

We want your photos

As another part of this challenge, we would love to gather images of your walks whether this is a selfie, just a photo of your wellies/shoes or even the lovely scenery around you. 

Please make sure you upload your photos along with your walk on the app for us to see and share!

Can we walk 1000 miles together by 31 August?