Parent and child foster care is an arrangement for babies or very young children and their parent (s) where you would help to grow a parent's skills to look after their child: they would learn from your experience and guidance.

There are a number of reasons why a parent and child cannot remain in their own home and may need support from a parent and child foster carer. This may be due to them having no experience of parenting and needing to learn skills in a supportive environment, to concerns about a parent’s own self-care or needing a place of safety. Other reasons may be a parent has a learning disability or is struggling with their parenting skills. In many cases, they may be a young parent and therefore need an intensive package of care to help strengthen and support their parenting skills.

There are a whole host of reasons but the desired outcome for a parent and child is that, where possible, children are best placed within their own families.

What is parent and child fostering?

Parent and child arrangements are usually short-term placements but can last for longer. As a parent and child foster carer, you would need to help provide some hands-on mentoring and be freely available in order to help support them both. This type of placement allows them to learn to cope with parenthood with additional support in a secure and safe environment. There is nothing more rewarding that guiding a parent’s journey in a safe and secure environment where you’ll be providing daily support to help raise a happy and healthy child.

Training and support

We offer a bespoke training package for parent and child foster carers which includes courses such as baby brain development, foetal alcohol awareness and how to support young or new parents. Alongside these courses, you will receive all of the support that a general foster carer would receive such as free membership of the NFCA, a dedicated supervising social worker and matched as a 'buddy' to a foster carer who is also fostering a parent and child.


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We believe in every child’s potential - if you do too, and have the skills we need, then parent and child fostering could be for you.

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