If you become a permanent foster carer, a child will become part of your family until they grow up and reach the age of 18.

Not all children want to be adopted, especially older children or those who continue to have regular contact with relative. One option for older children is sometimes a long-term foster placement.

As a long-term foster carer your role would be to provide a home for a child, offering the stability, support, and guidance all young people need to help them enjoy their childhood and learn the skills and confidence they need to grow into adulthood. You may also be involved with supporting a child or young person keep in touch with their own family.

Long-term placements are carefully planned, and children are matched with carers who can meet the child's needs both immediately and into the future. Long term fostering is a commitment that can truly change the life of a child.


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We believe in every child’s potential – if you do too, and have the skills we need, then long-term fostering could be for you.

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