Support for adoptive parents

We can help you through your adoption journey with support and training.

We offer:

  • a dedicated social worker throughout the process
  • links to local support groups
  • adoptive family activity days and social and development opportunities
  • development and training support
  • links to national networks and associations, including the British Association for Adoption and Fostering
  • post-adoption support and advice

Post-adoption support

We have a dedicated post-adoption team to support families who've adopted, their children and the birth parents.

Adoptive families or special guardians and their children are entitled to an assessment of need and may be able to access a range of support services:

  • Referral to other agencies.
  • The support of a qualified and experienced social worker.
  • Education - advice and support in addressing problems at school.
  • Contact issues - mediation and support with contact arrangements.
  • Managing, maintaining and reviewing contact.
  • Strategies for dealing with challenging behaviour.
  • Relationships - access to mediation and support in improving communication.
  • Advice on sharing your child’s life history.
  • Help to access therapeutic services - counselling for young people and play therapy for children if appropriate.
  • Post adoption counselling service - A free, independent and confidential service where you can discuss your feelings in a safe and secure setting.

How do I request support?

If you have adopted a child you can request support from the post-adoption team using our online form:

Request post-adoption support

What happens when I request support?

After a child is referred:

  • a social worker will contact you to find out the needs of the child and the family
  • we will make an appointment for a home meeting
  • the social worker will work with you over time to complete an assessment of need
  • if appropriate the social worker will work with you on matters identified in your assessment of need

Letterbox service

The letterbox service helps share information between the adoptive family and the birth family.

The aim is to help adopted children maintain a positive sense of their identity throughout their childhood and to let the birth family know how the child is getting on.

For more information on the Letterbox service please email: or contact the post adoption team.

Post-adoption counselling service

The counselling service is a free, independent and confidential service that gives you the opportunity to discuss your feelings in a setting where you can feel safe, secure and talk freely.

Who is the counselling service for?

  • birth parents where the decision has been made for permanence (for their unborn / child)
  • family members affected by the adoption process
  • foster carers
  • adoptive parents
  • special guardians
  • adopted adults over the age of 18

Is the service confidential?

The counselling is always confidential unless:

  • you agree with your counsellor that information can be shared
  • concerns arise about the safety or welfare of a child
  • there are safeguarding issues that arise in terms of yourself and/or a child

Get in touch

If you are interested in the post-adoption counselling service please email: