LGBT adoptive families

Chris and Chris were ready for criticism and judgement when they decided to find out about adoption, but when they went along to an adoption information event and were welcomed by friendly faces, they realised they had nothing to worry about.

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Chris tells us: “We both really enjoy being around children, so we always knew we would have children of our own at some point.  It took a lot of courage for us to make the next step and find out more, as being a married gay couple we thought we wouldn’t be welcomed, but thankfully we couldn’t have been more wrong, the team were great!

“The approval process went at the right speed for us, there was lots involved and it was very thorough but it has to be really.  It helped us evaluate our own lives to make sure adoption was the right decision for us and it helped us be matched with the right children for our family.

“We’ve been adoptive parents for two years now, we adopted our girls when they were five and seven years old.  We couldn’t wait to get started as parents and will never forget the day we picked the girls up.  Driving home, I turned to Chris and said ‘wow, we’re parents!’  It was very surreal! 

“We really can’t remember life without our girls, we’ve seen them blossom into happy, confident little people and know this is because of the support and love we give them.  They are doing really well at school and are reaching milestones sooner than we expected, we are so proud of them.


“I’d say to anyone who is considering adoption or fostering to go for it!  Go to an open evening, these are so good as you will meet the team as well as foster carers and adoptive parents who will answer all your questions. 

“It really will be the best decision you ever make, and you will feel such pride knowing you have given a child a second chance."

There are over 1,000 children in care in Northamptonshire now.  Please don’t rule yourself out if you’re thinking about becoming a foster carer, we’d really love to talk to you.  Our team are friendly and professional and will give you all the information you need.

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