Can I adopt?

In Northamptonshire we are looking for adoptive families for our children: some are young, some are already in school, they may be an individual child or siblings. They may be from a range of ethnic, cultural and faith backgrounds and they may live with a disability or health need. Whatever the situation, adoption can provide them with a loving family... could that be you?

siblings.jpgChoosing to adopt is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life so it's not surprising that you may feel overwhelmed at the start. Like all routes to parenthood there will be challenges along the way but lifelong support is available at every step.

You can adopt if you:

  • are over 21 - there is no upper age limit
  • are married, single or living with a partner of any gender
  • have somewhere to live – whether rented or owned
  • are in reasonable health - being overweight or having previously had an illness won’t necessarily prevent you adopting
  • have enough energy to care for a child during their dependent years
  • have finished any fertility treatment
  • have lived in the UK for at least a year

A note on smoking

Although you may not be automatically excluded from adopting if you smoke, we will strongly encourage you to give up because of the known medical risks of passive smoking for young children.

  • If you hope to adopt a child aged 0–5 years, it is advisable that you give up smoking at least six months before Stage 2 of the adoption assessment process starts because of the medically recognised associated health risks to children. Although this is not a legal requirement, it will be seen as being in the best interests of the child's health

  • If you are interested in adopting a child aged 5 or over, we will ask you to consider how you will ensure your smoking does not impact on a child placed with you and how you will encourage them to follow a healthy lifestyle

We would advise you access support to help you stop smoking by contacting the Northamptonshire stop smoking service.

Initial steps

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